MyDrinky™ $9.95


Kids can't squeeze. Drinks won't fall out. No more mess!

Are you tired of wiping juice from the front of your toddler’s clothes and the carpet?

MyDrinky™ by InchBug® is an innovative solution to help stop the accidental juice-box-squeeze.

Every parent, grandparent, and babysitter knows about the accidental juice-box-squeeze – your kiddo can’t help it, they HAVE to squeeze the box. The two-piece adjustable locking mechanism – an exclusive MyDrinky™ feature -- keeps your child’s juice box secure in the holder so it can’t be squeezed. This also means the juice box won’t fall out if MyDrinky™ is turned upside down.

Now, we all know juice boxes, juice pouches, and milk boxes are available in a variety of sizes. Another unique characteristic of MyDrinky™ is that it fits all of these – starting with the smallest 4 oz. boxes and including juice pouches, like Capri Sun, and the large 8 oz. milk boxes. Four height adjustments allow you to choose how short or tall MyDrinky™ needs to be to fit your child’s drink. The top clicks into place so you know it’s secure.